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Invisalign offers crooked teeth an alternative to uncomfortable metal braces

Invisalign is offered by Marchwood Dental, one of the most upscale dental clinics in the Ottawa region, located in Kanata, offering a wide range of dental services to serve you better. They are serving existing clients and accepting new patients for various dental procedures including invisalign, which are essentially invisible braces. Many who were not able to afford or obtain braces when they were in their younger years, now have the opportunity to with invisalign invisible braces available at this Kanata dental clinic.

Invisalign is a method of orthodontic treatment that does need require the unappealing and uncomfortable experience of braces. You can obtain removable teeth aligners that are an innovative alternative to traditional metal braces. The company who makes invisalign is Align Technology Inc. is pronounced internationally and owns 133 patents to date. There was a competitor up until 2005, named OrthoClear, but invisalign has knocked them out of the water because of proven results.

The number one advantage to invisalign is the cosmetic benefit. You do not have to feel embarrassed about ugly braces that are annoying, bulky and painful. Invisalign is clear and just like the name they are virtually invisible. This method is particularly popular among adults who want to straighten their teeth without the unsightly and amateur image of traditional wire braces. Wire or metal braces are usually worn by children or teenagers and adults do not want to go into the office for an ongoing two years or more sporting ugly braces.

Due to the removable nature of the device invisalign, people can take out their aligners at night, when eating and any other time when it doesn’t need to be worn. Of course, an individual must make a conscious effort to keep the invisible braces in their mouth as much as possible but for hygienic reasons, you may take them out when eating. For hygienic reasons they can also be taken out to clean and sanitize. Your mouth handles a lot of activity from eating and drinking and food can become trapped inside typical metal braces. This is why invisalign is a wiser and just as effective choice as metal braces in straightening your teeth, and much cleaner too!

Since Invisalign can be taken in and out there are also no restrictions in the foods you can eat. Those with traditional metal braces do not want to be eating, chewing gum, candy of any sort, popcorn or anything sticky that might become trapped in their braces. Tooth decay might occur when someone have braces because of poor cleaning habits and not being able to remove the braces. When it does come to removing the braces when it is time, the glue and adhesive used to attach the metal to your teeth often leaves a mark or square where the braces once were. This is completely eliminated with the innovative tool of invisible braces by invisalign. Everyone is different and requires a different healing time, but invisalign usually takes less time to cure crooked teeth than the traditional method of wire braces. It usually takes on average anywhere from 12 months to 18 months, depending on your habits, treatment and dentist. This Dentist in Kanata, Marchwood Dental offers invisalign at a competitive price for those seeking to straighten out their pearly whites.

Jennifer is the author of this article on Invisalign offers crooked teeth an alternative to uncomfortable metal braces. Find more information about Invisalign here.

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